World War Ii Essay

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Women had many roles during World War II. They helped the military, worked in factories, and became nurses. Before the war, many women were just home makers. During World War II women could do anything. Even famous Rosie the Riveter once said, “We Can Do It!” (Panchyk 57) Women played a huge role in World War II. One of the important roles was working in the military. They served in all three services, Army, Air Force and Navy. When the government was recruiting women into the Army, they made it sound glamorous. When the women joined the Army, they did not get glamorous jobs. They were drivers, mess hall workers, cleaners, plane trackers and mechanics. Women were not allowed to fire guns and as the war continued on other jobs opened up in the Army like welders, carpenters and electricians. During World War II, 217,000 women were in the Army and they were a part of the Auxiliary Territorial Service (“Women in World War II”). Women also served in the Air Force. There jobs were a little more exciting than the Army jobs. They worked in the radar stations tracking enemy bombers and many women were pilots. From 1942 to 1944, more than 1,000 women were trained as pilots to ferry aircraft, test planes, and teach male pilots (“Wasp on the Web”). Later, Jacqueline Cochran started the WASP program and 1,830 women were accepted and received pilot training. These women continued to help transport materials and test planes but they could not be pilots of war. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "This is not a time when women should be patient. We are in a war and we need to fight it with all our ability and ever weapon possible. Women pilots, in this particular case, are a weapon waiting to be used" (“Wasp on the Web”). In the Navy women helped with office paper work, defense related jobs, and high tech jobs and by the end of the war, over 84,000 women served in Navy

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