World War Ii Essay

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Introduction: As the war raged on America changed their minds about their involvement in the war. The war started with the invasion of Poland in 1939 and ended with the surrender of Japan in 1945. The battles of World War 2 held place in the Pacific theater and the European theater. The sides of the war included The Axis, France, USSR, and The Allies. The dictators Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Tojo believed they could gain control of all the countries with fear and propaganda. All of the dictators wanted to become rulers of the world. The three most important parts of World War II are Hitler’s rise to power, how life changed on the Home Front, and the battles. This poster was used in America to recuit soldiers to fight in World War II. This poster convinced Americans to enlist into the army. Rise of Totalitarianism: Hitler believed that Germans were the superior race he wanted everyone to look upon the Germans. Hitler rose to power because of the Great Depression. During the Great Depression Germany was struggling and Hitler took advantage of this. Hitler promised to give jobs to the homeless, and put the economy back on its axis. Hitler followed through with his promises by putting them to work making war supplies which later helped people trust him. Hitler rose to power by using propaganda and fear. Propaganda is a use of words and pictures to convince people to do something. Hitler used propaganda to get people to follow him. Hitler used secret policed to kill or convince people to follow him. Hitler took traitors and burned them then returned their ashes to their family. He also took Jews and put them into concentration camps. Propaganda and fear where used by Hitler to get people to follow him. Hitler persuaded people to follow him by using propaganda and fear. He spoke of creating a better world. The United States at War:

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