World War Ii Essay

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In World War II, there were two types of theatres; the first one was the European theatre also known as the Atlantic theatre and the second theatre is the Pacific. In World War II, a theater did not mean what it does today; theater during the war was a way to describe where the battle was fought. The European theatre was between the Allies and the Germans and the Pacific theatre was between the Allies and Japan. The war against Germany and the war against Japan both had naval and aerial strategies and tactics but the Germans put up more of a fight against the Allies then Japan did. Although these theatres were fought in different parts of the world, they show how the Allies outsmart the two biggest world powers. The European theatre was filled with heavy fighting across Europe starting with the invasion of Poland by Germany in September of 1939 and ended with the Germans surrendering in the spring of 1945. The war between the Axis powers and the Allied forces were fought on two fronts; the Eastern front and the Western front. The type of warfare the Germans used was a newly formed tactical called Blitzkrieg, in other words Germany had agility and the element of surprise. In German, Blitzkrieg means lighting war. It is a method of warfare where a defense has a full armored and motorized infantry formation and is backed by air support. The Allies thought that the Germans would be an easier opponent than the Japanese. However, the Germans understood modern warfare better than any opponent and getting them to surrender would not be easy, since they had the best weaponry around. The European theater displayed higher weaponry than the Pacific theater did. Germany unlike Japan, kept inventing new weapons that the Allies had no experience with these new weapons. For example, the Germans had weapons like bazookas, panzerfausts, MP40s, MG42s, and Kar98. The Germans

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