World War Ii Essay

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"WWII" redirects here. For other uses, see WWII (disambiguation). For Winston Churchill's history, see The Second World War (book series). World War II Infobox collage for WWII.PNG Clockwise from top left: Chinese forces in the Battle of Wanjialing, Australian 25-pounder guns during the First Battle of El Alamein, German Stuka dive bombers on the Eastern Front winter 1943–1944, US naval force in the Lingayen Gulf, Wilhelm Keitel signing the German Instrument of Surrender, Soviet troops in the Battle of Stalingrad Date 1 September 1939 – 2 September 1945 (6 years, 1 day) Location Europe, Pacific, Atlantic, South-East Asia, China, Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa, briefly North and South America Result Allied victory Collapse of the Third Reich Fall of Japanese and Italian Empires Creation of the United Nations Emergence of the United States and the Soviet Union as superpowers Beginning of the Cold War (more...). Belligerents Allies Soviet Union[a] United States British Empire China[b] France[c] Poland Canada Australia India Yugoslavia Greece Netherlands Belgium South Africa New Zealand Norway Czechoslovakia[d] Ethiopia[e] Brazil Denmark[f] Luxembourg Cuba Mexico Philippines Mongolia Iran [g] Axis Germany Japan[h] Italy[i] Hungary Romania Bulgaria Co-belligerents: Finland Thailand Iraq Client and puppet states: Albania Croatia Slovakia Japan's Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere puppets Manchukuo China-Nanjing Mengjiang Philippines Burma Azad Hind Vietnam Commanders and leaders Allied leaders Soviet Union Joseph Stalin United States Franklin D. Roosevelt United Kingdom Winston Churchill Republic of China (1912–1949) Chiang Kai-shek Axis leaders Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler Empire of Japan Hirohito Kingdom of Italy Benito Mussolini Casualties and

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