World War Ii Essay

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After World War II, Great Britain's position as a world power declined even further. The British had bankrupted themselves to win the war. Therefore, they had to sharply reduce their worldwide military, political, and economic role. Great Britain's recovery was slow. Many British industries were too inefficient and outdated to compete successfully in world markets that were increasingly dominated by the United States, Japan, and other Western European nations. Because of economic weakness, the British passed on many of their international obligations to the United States. To maintain its pride and a level of independent security, Great Britain did develop its own nuclear force. maintained a close relationship with other members of the Western Alliance. The British also could no longer afford to support a vast global empire. 50s and 60s, many of Great Britain's important Asian and African colonies became Internally, Great Britain underwent many changes after World War II. In 1945 Churchill and the Conservatives were voted out of office. They were replaced by the Labour Party, which appealed to many Britons who wanted greater social equality. Under Prime Minister Clement Attlee, the Labour government continued wartime restrictions to improve the economy. However, it also promised a Standard of living for all British citizens. Carrying out a moderate Socialist program, the Labour government nationalized the coal, steel, and transportation industries. Greater freedom was given to labor unions to strike and to participate in political activities. Like many other Western European governments, Britain's Labour government created a welfare state, a system in which the national government provides programs for the well-being of its citizens. Social security was expanded to provide lifetime benefits for the needy. Free education was provided to all children up to the age of

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