World War Ii Essay

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World War I left behind a seriously damaged world with new political and economic problems. For the purpose of resolving international disputes in order to avoid another War and keep a peaceful world; the victorious nations formed “The League of Nations”. The League of Nations had yet to face it first big challenge and failed to secure a peace which evolve into World War II. This war became the most violent and largest armed conflict that lasted from 1939 to 1945 leading the world to its darkest moment in history. How did it all start and continued to go on for six long years? The treaty of Versailles, signed in 1919 was one of the outcomes agreed upon on to make Germany pay for the damaged caused in World War I. The terms of the treaty were that Germany was to take blame for starting the war, pay for the damages, was allowed to only six naval ships with a small army and also German land were to be given away. The Germans didn’t agree with these terms and decided that the current government was not doing anything to change it so therefore they voted for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party to power. In 1933, as soon as A. Hitler became chancellor of Germany, he started building a heavily armed military, warships; he even pushed it into creating a German air force as he promised vengeance against the allied nations who forced the German people to obey the treaty. Hitler started remilitarizing Rhineland a demilitarized zone by the treaty of Versailles and gave reason that the alliance between France and Russia put Germany under treat from both countries and it was normal that he secures his land by posting troops into Rhineland. While Britain and France were more worried about the rise of communism and thought that an armed Germany could actually help to fight communism; Hitler was looking for allies because this time Germany wasn’t going alone to war. He made the

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