World War Ii Essay

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Running head: WORLD WAR II THROUGH THE 1970’S Professor Jahangir Salehi HIS 105 – Contemporary U.S. History Abstract The purpose of this paper is to write and analyze about World War II through the 1970’s. In the course of this paper we are to identify and discuss the two major historical turning points during the period of World War II. Provide how these two or more historical turning points may have impacted America’s current society, economy, politics, and culture. Provide at least two reasons why in the late 1930’s Americans wanted to stay out of the European conflict that became World War II. Explain the role women played in the victory of World War II. Give a description of at least two civil rights breakthroughs after World War II that caused African-Americans to move forward. Providing at least two ways the Vietnam War brought political awareness to a new generation of young Americans. In conclusion, a description of at least two programs implemented from President Johnson’s “Great Society” agenda that are still in place today. In the course of researching, information provided will be verbatim according to documentation and extending credit to the authors and critics obtained. During World War II through the 1970’s, many things accord and were major historical turning points, however, there are two that stand out the most and that is the Fair Employment Practices Committee (FEPC). This agency required companies with federal contracts to make jobs available without regard to “race, creed, color, or national origin”, the other is Double V, it was a campaign championed by African Americans during World War II, demanding “democracy at home and aboard. (Schultz, 2012) The Fair Employment Practices Committee was signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt on June 25, 1941. This order banned racial discrimination in any defense industry receiving federal

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