World War Ii Essay

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A small change can bring great effects in life. A small change of gravity in the space can change whole galaxy. By a decision, changing the world differently is possible. After World War I, the Treaty of Versailles was made to decrease the power of Hitler’s army, but the treaty failed and caused the Great Depression. Because of this, many people lost their jobs and banks were closed because of the failure of the stock market. These all happened because of one person, Adolf Hitler. There are many reasons why World War II involved most of the world’s nations. German and Japan are part of the reasons why World War II started. Germany and Japan caused World War II because of their leaders and disagreements with the treaty. During the time of World War II, the leader of Germany was Hitler, and he had a dream of controlling everything. When Germany invaded Poland on June 22, 1941, France and Britain took force and World War II began. Hitler wanted to attack the Soviet Union because it would give Germany the “space and resources needed for his master world.”( The dream of the one man caused this war that involved most of the world’s nations. The Japanese were involved in World War II because of the disagreement with the treaty that made with United States. The Japanese wanted to continue their expansion within Asia but the United Sates had placed an extremely restrictive embargo on Japan and the Japanese were tired of negotiations with the United States. Instead of giving in to the U.S. demands, the Japanese decided to launch a surprise air attack against the United States on the morning of December 7, 1941, at the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor. The effects of the German invasion on the Soviet Union and the bombing of Pearl Harbor were great. Hitler started by sending 7.2 million troops into the

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