World War Ii Essay

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World War II World War II is most definitely one of the worst events in history. The evil German leader, Hitler began the war, as his hatred towards Jews turned into a genocide of the Jewish race. The Treaty of Versailles was signed by those involved in World War I, most importantly Germany and Italy, to maintain peace. This treaty was violated as of the horrible events of World War II. It all began in World War I, after Germany had lost the war. Hitler slowly began to believe the Jews made Germany lose the war. Germany had signed the Treaty of Versailles after World War I. This was a sign of peace along nations. On September 8th, 1926, Germany was admitted into the League of Nations along with many others. Four years after Germany's defeat in World War I, Adolf Hitler became the leader of the National Socialist Party (otherwise known as the Nazi Party). The Nazi Party won the election on September 14Th, 1930, making them the largest political party in Germany. Years later, Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany. A month after Hitler gained power, he secretly instructed the Nazis to set the Reichtag Building on fire. This allowed Hitler to gain more power by protecting the country from anymore 'attacks'. Hitler passed laws persecuting Jews in Germany. The first concentration camp opened in Oranienburg, outside of Berlin. A boycott against Jewish owned shops began, and the burning of books with 'un-German' ideas, began months later. Meanwhile in United States, the Americans elected Roosevelt as the President of the United States on November 8Th, 1932. The second concentration camp opened in Dachau in June 1933. Soon after, scientists in the United States and Germany, began studying nuclear fission, which the became the idea of the atomic bomb. On October 19th, 1933, Germany withdrew from the League of Nations. This became the first sign of suspicion

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