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World War II was the most devastated and destructive war in history. The war took six years which made it the bloodiest war in history. The War was between the Axis powers and the Allied powers. World War II began because Germany, Japan and Italy invaded many countries in order to gain power and recover from the Great Depression. Also the great Depression of 1930 was one of the main reasons of World War II. World War II began when Adolf Hitler worked diligently in regaining Germany land that was lost during World War I. Hitler started world war II by attacked Poland the country that Britain had promised to defend its land if Germany attacked them. However the British army was too late. Hitler and his army quickly swept thru most of the European land Conquering Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, and finally France in 1940 By the time France fell to Hitler, great Brittan was the only one fighting him in this War. Benito Mussolini, leader of Italy, though there was little fear of the Second World War reaching his lands. During this time, Italy was still reeling from the Great Depression of 1930 and how to recover to give much thought to Hitler and his troops. Mussolini though that Hitler will take over France so he declared war on France, so that Hitler wouldn’t turn his troops to Italy. Mussolini turned his navy toward the British waters and tried stopping the British navy from entering the Mediterranean Sea, so he can look as if he is helping Germany.(Transition: Now let’s look at some of the causes of World War II.) Another cause of World War II had come from Japan when they invaded Manchuria in 1931.Japan was feeling the heavy hit of the 1929 depression and was looking for a way to fix their problems. Millions of people were unemployed, starving, and angry. Japan had a population number that was far above higher than they should have had

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