World War I Propaganda Posters

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World War I Propaganda Posters I believe that the World War I proved America to be the nation producing the highest amount of propaganda. World War I Propaganda Posters explains how propagandas played critical roles in the outcome of the war, during World War I. As indicated in World War I Propaganda Posters, through his use of propaganda President Wilson was able to draw American Support for the war. Propagandas were used by the British during WWI for multiple reasons. As much as I understand from the article, the propagandas were supposed to affect three different countries Germany, Great Britain, and the U.S.A. In Germany, it was supposed to lower the people and the soldier’s moral with disinformation dropped by aero planes or balloons. According to World War I Propaganda Posters, in America propaganda was meant to persuade Americans to join in the war on the side of the British by giving a bad reputation to the Germans, which was not that hard to do, unfortunately for the Germans, they were the misfortunate carriers of destroyed American ships and dead Americans. While England and France were depicted as “civilization,” Germany was shown as a “mad brute” — here, a giant, drooling gorilla wielding the club of German culture and carrying the limp, half-naked body of a woman. As a result of propaganda like this, German Americans many of whose ancestors had lived in America for centuries — faced persecution during the war. So in the end propaganda did help in the war effort of the British by having the Americans join their side? In Germany the people were not certain about the government’s way of doing things was completely right causing the government to loss some power over the people. In conclusion, in my opinion, propagandas took important roles in the war. The propagandas helped
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