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Annie March 18, 2012 Honors Modern World 2° Ms. Quindlen Tokyo Rose Tokyo Rose was an English-speaking female that broadcasted Japanese propaganda during World War II. Her real name is Iva Toguri D'Aquino and she was born in Los Angeles from parents who were Japanese immigrants. D’Aquino was called “Tokyo Rose” because that name was used by Allied forces for women who were heard on Japanese propaganda radio (Wikipedia par 2). Tokyo Rose was important during World War II because she was an imposter that broadcasted misleading information to American troops and drove men to insanity, eventually death. On November 1943, Allied prisoners of war selected Iva to broadcast propaganda/host portions of the one-hour radio show "The Zero Hour." Iva's producer was an Australian Army officer named Charles Cousens, who has had experience pre-war broadcasting and was captured at the fall of Singapore. Toguri had risked her life by transferring illegal food into the nearby prisoner of war (POW) camp where Cousens was held, gaining the trust. She refused to broadcast anti-american propaganda so Cousens and Captain Ince promised Toguri that she did not have to script/say anything against the United States. Toguri hosted 340 broadcasts of “The Zero Hour". When she first started broadcasting, Iva used the radio name of “Ann,” and it was later expanded to “Orphan Ann.” That name was appropriate given to her situation in Japan and that she grew up a fan of “Little Orphan Annie.” Cousens was able to make the Zero Hour into a news and entertainment program that reduced the Japanese’s desired propaganda into being harmless rhetoric and spirit lifting music. The four members of the Zero Hour audaciously used the Japanese's flagship radio station to wage war on them from behind enemy lines. If the Japanese had known what the four were doing, they all could have been shot.

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