World War Essay

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4- The peace treaties after the First World War? The Paris peace conference Took place in Versailles, lasted 12months. 5 treaties were drawn; the main was de treaty of Versailles which dealt with Germany. The important decisions were taken by the big three: Clemenceau, Lloyd George and Wilson, between they got badly. Germany complained that was unfair. The mood in 1919 People of the victories countries felt that Germany was responsible for the war and should be punished. Germany should pay all damage and destruction. All countries that fought in the war were exhausted; their economies and their industries were in a bad state. Million young men been killed or injures, civilians had shortages of food and medicine. Villages and town of Belgium and France were devastated. Although in Britain no fighting took place, there were huge casualties. People want a harsh peace with Germany, because it had treat Russia in the same way, it stripped huge amounts of land and 25 per cent of its population. The aims of the leaders at the Paris peace conference Punish Germany To cripple Germany so that it couldn’t start another war Reward the winning countries Establish a just and lasting peace. Georges Clemenceau (France) France suffered damage to its land, industry and people. France felt threatened by Germany because its industry and land had not been as badly damaged as Frances. Clemenceau wants to cripple Germany so it couldn’t attack France again. The French president wanted Germany broke up in small states, but British and Americans would not agree. Clemenceau was realist, he show aware of public opinion. He demanded a treaty that would weaken Germany as much as possible. He was the prime minister. Woodrow Wilson (USA) His aim was to build a better and more peaceful world. Germany should be punished but no too harsh because some day it would recover

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