World War 2 Rhetorical Analysis

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Women’s War Too During World War II, Women were recruited to serve in the United States military. Women had worked as typist, clerks, and had office jobs that otherwise would have been men jobs. Although women were excluded from fighting positions, some women did have jobs that put them in harms way like nursing. Their efforts in the military service would allow for more male troops to be in front line for the war. The two images Attention Women and Victory Waits helps portray the importance of women’s roles during World War II. In the image Attention Women the message is pretty simple. The poster is to grab the attention of females to join the women’s army. In particular, the poster is advertising the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (one…show more content…
The message on the poster says “Victory waits on your fingers—Keep’em flying, Miss U.S.A.”. The words alone are in bold and straight to the point. The word “your” is underline to emphasize that women are needed in the military service. In the background there is the stripe colors red, white, and blue which are the patriotic colors. The woman is giving the military salute while there is a type writer in front of her. The woman in the picture is Miss U.S.A, she in it self is a symbol of the standard American Beauty. The picture in general is advertising the fact that women can perform their duty to their country and help the troops at war without even getting their hands dirty. These images do not present the American women negatively. The object of these images is to persuade women into joining the army. If they promoted women in a negative manner then women would not want to join the military service. These two pictures show beautiful confident women who seem to be content with serving for their country. Both women are smiling and are performing their duty to their country. The message is to inspire women to join and support the war effort because they will not win without them. The images present the American women positively showing women that they are just as much of help as
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