World War 2 Essay

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Imagine, it's 1939 and you're sitting at home with your family when you hear screaming outside, you open the door to see what is going on and, BANG! your dead. On September 1, 1939 less than one year after the Munich Agreement, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. His goal was to eliminate all of the Jews. Britain and France promised to help Poland but Britain was too far away for their Air Force to help and France was too afraid to help because they were afraid of the Germans. Poland had very little Navy and Air Force to fight the Germans. Poland was also invaded by the Soviet Union at the same time so their military was too small to fight the Germans and the Soviet Union. The Warsaw was taken over on September 27, and organized resistance was over by October 5(O'Neill 268). This invasion started World War II. France, Russia, England, and the United States formed what was called the Allied forces to fight against the Nazis. Germany joined with Italy and Japan and they were the Axis alliance to fight against the Allied forces (Strahinich 16-17). World War II was the bloodiest war in all of war history. The war went on and eventually turned against Germany and the Nazis. The Nazis did not however relax their assault against the Jews. As the war went on the Nazis killed the Jews in greater and greater numbers (Strahinich 17). Mussolini was jealous of Hitler but he was naturally drawn to form an alliance with Germany. Italy could have joined with allied countries but they would not have gone along with Mussolini's expansion plans while Hitler did. Italy seized Albania in 1939. To make sure Germany would win the battle Italy invaded France on June 10, 1940 but they were unsuccessful. Even though Mussolini failed, Hitler still rewards Mussolini for attacking France. As the war went on the United States could not help Poland because they did not belong to the League of

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