World War 2 Essay

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Some people are quick to point the finger at Germany for World War II, but there are other factors that made this war so explosive. It angered me to see Great Britain and France sit back just because they wanted to keep peace. This reminded me of Metternich in 1815 when he attempted to keep the balance of power in the Quadruple Alliance. It was somewhat clever I guess to the British and French, but it reflected a cowardice attitude. They were literally feeding the crocodile, the crocodile being Hitler. Hitler kept walking all over people and no one could stop him. I believe World War II would not be the same war it was if Britain and France didn't let Hitler walk all over them. The appeasement policies by Churchill were so ridiculous to me, but at the same time context is important. One has to think of how the people were still recovering emotionally and physically from World War I. People demanded peace because they were vulnerable and just simply could not afford another war. So, I feel very conflicted towards the cowardice of people like Churchill because yes they just suffered from a war, but at the same time should've taken the actions necessary to maintain their state. It was also quite intriguing to see the roles reverse in this war. Just recently in the Treaty of Versailles, France and Britain were demanding money and resources from Germany, but now Germany became the power house and Hitler was expanding his empire. Hitler was aware of the situation involving the Treaty of Versailles, and he tried to side with France so they could relinquish some of the restraints in the treaty. All relationships Hitler had with people seemed to come out of pure manipulation. For instance, he sided with Mussolini to gain power at first, but then stabbed him in the back by invading Russia. Also, regarding his relationship with France, he only wanted them to

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