World War 11: Technology Essay

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What technology came from the war and how was it used after the war? New technology changed warfare in World War 2. The change in technology has increased since the last big war WW1 such as the Atom bombs, improved sea and air warfare and weapons. Ever since the beginning of time weapons have always been around. From just knives and swords to nuclear weapons and missiles, weapons have evolved throughout the years. From just guns, bombs, and gas from World War 1, the weapon technology had upgraded tremendously in World War 2. World war 2 began in 1939 when the German armies decided to invade Poland and cause Britain and France to declare war on Germany after Hitler refused to abort his invasions on Poland. During the war the United Stated decided to help defeat Hitler by bringing their new weapon technology such as ammunition. One example of the new weapon was the long-range rocket and improved rifles to shoot at a farther distance. Pistols were always used in a combat if the solider cant uses his rifle. They are known to reload faster the rifle. More people or enemies were killed because of the new technology. The atomic bomb was a big part in World War 2, there were more deaths from a long distance and the people who did not get hit still had some sort of effect. The air warfare was introduced in World War 2, they were called Fighter Jets. They carried deadly bombs and took out numerous of enemies. The sea warfare was also introduced in World War 2. Ships called Corvettes were popular; they were mostly used for shipping ammunition from North America to Europe. Submarines were the most deadly since they were the ones who set off bombs under the water towards their enemies. The battle on the sea with submarines all began on 1943. The German had 240 submarines in one group attacking allies. The German submarines sank about 700 merchant ships before the allies started
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