World War 1 to World War 2 Essay

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Germany 1916-1945 Contents The treaty of versilles 1 Who decided the terms: 1 Land taken from Germany: 1 Military restrictions: 1 Reparations (compensation): 1 War Guilt 1 War Prevention 1 Impacts of the Treaty 2 What the treaty was 2 What was the state of the Weimar Republic in 1925? 3 Extension 4 How was the Weimar Government organised? 4 How did Germany Recover under Stresemann 4 Hitlers Rise to power 5 Beer Hall Putsch 5 The Wall Street crash 5 Stock Market Speculation 5 The Coming Crash 6 The Impact on Germany 6 What impact did the ‘Depression’ have on the popularity of the Nazi Party in Germany? 7 How did Hitler establish his dictatorship? 7 In January 1933: 7 The Reichstag Fire 7 Enabling Law 8 How did Hitler Become chancellor in 1933? 8 Nazi Strengths: 8 Opponents’ Weaknesses 9 Other factors 9 Hitler In power 9 How were the Jews persecuted Nazi Germany? 9 How successful were Hitler’s economic policies 10 3 Aims of the Economic Policy 10 Preparing for war 10 Making Germany Self Sufficient 10 Reducing unemployment 10 Were people more prosperous under the Nazi rule 11 What was the role of Women in Nazi Germany 11 Nazi Ideals about Women 12 Why The Nazis wanted women to stay at home: 13 Incentives for women to become mothers. 13 NAZI GERMANY 14 Keeping Control: 14 Terror State 14 The Terror State 14 Propaganda 14 Popularity 14 Etc. 14 Did most people benefit from Nazi rule? 15 Nazi control of Germany, 1933-1945 16 Method of Control 16 Controlled By 16 Duties 16 How it helped Hitler to make his position secure 16 The treaty of versilles Who decided the terms: The main allies met at the Paris peace conference and were known as the big three. Prime Minister David Lloyd George for Britain President Woodrow Wilson for the USA Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau for France Land taken from Germany: •
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