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HOW WERE THE PEOPLE OF BRATAIN AFFECTED BY WORLD WAR 1 ?? The effect that World War I had upon people was devastating. WWI was a war that affected people on an unprecedented scale. people became a military target. Living standards plummeted, and the post-war economic state of europe was at mid 19th century levels. During the war, 8 to 10 million soldiers were killed in battle, and 22 million were injured. This meant that nearly every family lost someone. Population losses were enormous. In 1918, immediately after the war, there was a epidemic of influenza. The total amounts of deaths from the disease after a year were on the same scale as the number of deaths from the "Black death" epidemic in the middle ages. Propaganda at the time also gave the false impression to the public that everything was ok, when in reality so many people were dying. World War One also had a large impact upon the role of Women in a family. With all the men at war as soldiers, Women began working for a living. This was permitted at the time because it was either women or noone at all. When the war ended this caused a large conflict, but nevertheless, the role of Women in society had gone through a radical change. There were also many other effects that World War 1 had One of the other effect was the economic impact. Governments raised taxes and borrowed huge amounts of money to pay the costs of war. They rationed food and other products, from boots to gasoline. Also they introduced other economic controls, such as setting prices and threatening strikes. Another effect of World War 1 was propaganda war. Both the Central powers and Allies waged a propaganda war. In Germany, people learned to sing a "Hymn of Hate" against the British. Allied propaganda often played up Germany's invasion of Belgium as a barbarous act. The British and French press circulated tales of atrocities, which were

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