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World War 1 There were many causes and effects of World War 1. To this day historians and people in general try to tell the tale of this great war, and uncover its mysteries, and there is still things being found out today about what really happened, and the outcomes later post war. There are endless sides to this war, and there is still conflict to what started the war and how, some say it was just competition for bragging rights, some say it was the strive to be the global empire, and the tension by the late 1800’s was so built up the war was inevitable. There were many different speculated causes of World War 1. Russian Gravro Principe killed the Arch Duke, Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary which initially caused the agreement of the war of Austria-Hungary and Germany verse the allied Russia Serbia. Germany also played a major role, and was a huge factor in kicking off the first global war conflict. They build up there military all throughout the late 1800’s, by creating a new navy, and created an army almost double the amount of men they used to have prior to 1913. Germany also played a part in entering the United States into the war when they sunk the passenger cruise ship, the Louisitania, which killed several hundred Americans. This made the United States very angry, and with the interception of the Zimmerman Note on February 1917 that German had sent to Mexico about being allies with them, and helping out in the war, President Woodrow Wilson asked congress to declare war on Germany and its allies. After this, the globe entered its first “total war”. There were also several effects of World War 1. The Germans, who inevitably lost, proving that instigating a situation that you aren’t most likely going to win is a bad idea, had repercussions that were written on the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. They lost almost all of their army rights, lost all of

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