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(World Religions) Rituals Assignment Essay

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Every religion has its own rituals to sanctify their daily lives. They all have a spiritual meaning and are very significant. Islam and Hinduism have many rituals but, the main ones this essay will focus on are the prayers form Islam and Puja (Pooja) from Hinduism. The prayer in Muslim is a binding promise of the faith, to be performed five times of the day by adult Muslim. In Hinduism Puja (Pooja) is performed as an offering to various deities, distinguished person, or special guests.
Prayer is one of the central elements of Islamic practises and worship. According to Islamic law, "prayers have a variety of obligations and conditions of observance. However, beyond the level of practice, there are spiritual conditions and aspects of prayer which represent its essence" (http://www.islamicsupremecouncil.org). Muslims can pray to God at any time, there are five prayers they are commit to perform throughout the day at mosque, at home or at anywhere. Muslim prayer is a combination of physical actions, verbal sayings, and an internal feeling which require calmness of mind, humbleness and serenity. If a Muslim prays without right attitude of mind, it as if they had not bothered to pray at all. "Woe to those who pray, but are unmindful of their prayer, or who pray only to be seen by people" (Qur’an 107:4-6). Before praying one is expected to wash their face, hands, arms and feet with water and if water is not available a person can use sand to do so.
"In Islam there are two forms of prayer. One has ritual, formal requirements and manners, which are essential to its correct observance. This is called Salat. The other form is supplicatory prayer; represent an open minded conversation with Allah which may occur at any time or place" (http://www.islamicsupremecouncil.org). The very idea of ritual prayer is not that a Muslims prays at all, but that they fulfill exactly all the detailed requirements to make his prayer “valid”. The nature of ritual prayer is to submit to Allah...

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