World Religions Essay

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Final Essay 1: Write an essay on the ultimate goal of all religions. In your essay mention the different concepts of heaven or nirvana as held by different religious thought. Contrast the ideas of achieving perfection as the means of eternal life and the ideas of a place as one's eternal reward. Which makes most sense to you? Explain Why? I would like to start be saying that I truly believe all religions started with good intentions. Weather it was to save humanity from eternal damnation or just enlighten people to help them live better lives. Over the course of time however I think these original intentions have been skewed. In my opinion they are used today to make money and maintain some form of control either in the government or over their followers. An example that comes to mind is in the 2008 Proposition 8 ballot in California which was a measure to ban same sex marriage was funded completely by the Church of Latter-Day Saints and the Roman Catholic Church. Why are religious institutions tax exempt but still have the ability take positions on ballot proposals and referendum campaigns? Since a majority of people in political office claim to be of the Christian faith they have a bias towards what bills become laws and what the “right” thing to do actually is. I would like to see people reactions if a law were passed that stated no one in America was allowed to kill a cow for any purpose because we have to respect what the Hindus believe. There would be massive amounts of people opposed to the new law. They would bring up Separation of Church and State and that it is Unconstitutional, but because there are a majority of Christians in office it is ok to impose their religion on the American people. Why should someone else’s beliefs affect the lives on people not of that faith? If homosexual people want to get married and live happy lives together, does it

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