World Religion Jesus Vs Muhammad

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Jesus and Muhammad have played a large role in two of the world’s leading religions in today’s society, Islam and Christianity. Although many argue that there are some clashing differences in Islam and Christianity there are also remarkable similarities. It is argued that Islam was founded on Violence while Christianity is founded on unity and peace. One event that made a change in the beliefs and differences of the Christian and Islamic faith was September 11th. In this paper I will be discussing Islam and Christianity as well as the roles both Jesus and Muhammad played in the matter. While Muhammad pronounced the he was Allah, Jesus laid his life to die for all sinners. September 11th was the ultimate clash between the beliefs of Jesus and Muhammad. In all honesty there can never be an overall definition of religion, for there are multiple religions within our world today. Emile Durkheim explains that, “religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things that is to say things set part and forbidden beliefs and practices which unite into one single moral community called a church, all those who adhere to them.” (1) Religion can vary so widely that there is also room for error. While religion can serve as a social cement to bring people together that share the same or similar values, it can also serve dysfunctional purposes that can destroy not only states and governments, but societies and world order. In order to understand the roles that both Jesus and Muhammad played in religious proximity we must first understand the religious world, it coming together and the social functions it serves. In Gods in the Global Village, Lester R. Kurts explains that there are three components of religion, “beliefs, rituals, and institutions” according to Durkheim. (1) Beliefs refer to the scared, the things one values most as worthy or give praise

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