World Religion Essay

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Narrative: People think that since we live in Hawaii, we all practice the Hawaiian Religion and the things we do. But only a little bit of people know how to do that and what it truly is. The Hawaiian Religion believes that there are four main gods. They believed that they were in many different forms. They also believe that after the four main gods, there were gods that werenʻt as of higher value. They also believe that there are aumakua and those guardian gods that take form in animals. Heiau are temples of worship. Doctrine: Ten Commandments: 1. Never judge a day by its weather 2. The best things in life arenʻt things 3. Tell the truth- there is less to remember 4. Speak softly and wear a loud shirt 5. Goals are deceptive- the unaimed arrow never misses 6. He who dies with the most toys- still die 7. Age is relative- when your over the hill you pick up speed 8. There are two ways to be rich- make more or desire less 9. Beauty is internal - looks mean nothing 10. No rain - No rainbows Ethical: Hawaiians think that they should not be disrespectful to family and friends. Ritual: In the Hawaiian Religion, our traditions and rituals are passed down orally. The Hawaiian rituals include worshiping the different Gods, prayer, and also chants. The values and the principles of the gods, are imitated by the people who follow the Hawaiian religion. They felt that they needed to be “one” with themselves, others and the ‘aina. Som[-e of the values that they followed were, kokua- mutual help/cooperation, lokahi-harmony in unity, and aloha ‘aina- love for the land. There are many many more values but these are just some of the rituals and practices that the Hawaiian religion

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