World Peace in Relation to Symbols of "Lord of the Flies" (Pre-Ib Essay)

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Pre IB English I Honors 4/10/11 Lord of the Flies Prompt #6 “World peace” as it is in the minds of most human beings is indeed a simple minded dream of beauty pageant bubble-heads. But that does not mean that people should stop trying. It is what people such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mohandas Gandhi, Greg Mortenson, and many other less-known people have been clamoring for. It is a momentous challenge to try and teach so many, but it is a challenge that should never be abandoned, because mankind will destroy itself if we don’t even try to make good with one another, life would lose its purpose, and universal well-being will never happen if peace isn’t accomplished, and people will continue to suffer. There is no easy answer as to why mankind in this time is so inclined to conquer and violate. I don’t think that anyone will ever understand why humans and societies began to hate each other so. It is a broad statement, and there are societies that are at a sort of isolated peace and have no grudges with other countries, but more often than not the case is the opposite. We fight over money, land, and race. Land will always be the same land, yet leaders battle over ownership of it. Money, which many believe to be the root of all evil, is a thing that man himself has created, and it has done nothing but cause us to harm one another. What real value does a piece of paper have? None, but man deems it to be very important and often kills over money. Perhaps the worst, though, is that we fight, and even start wars, over race and language. Humans are all the same, despite color or tongue. And, if all people who seek to bring peace to the world give up entirely, mankind will, without a trace of a doubt, lead itself to absolute destruction. Lord of the Flies is a great example of this. In Lord of the Flies, the real purpose of human existence is forgotten among the boys

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