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World Literature Project Megan Kaiser Rasmussen College Author’s Note This research is being submitted on August 29, 2012, for Jane Laux’s G335/LIT3191 Contemporary World Literature: 1900 to the Present course. World Literature Project On first sight, Swanns Way. Overture by Marcel Proust, Mother Crocodile by Birago Diop, and Yellow Woman by Leslie Marmon Silko appear to be quite different. However, it turns out that they are quite similar with respect to moments of memory that take place in each work of art. With each story based on its own subject that is introduced it is still noticeable that memory is portrayed in each story. The differences include the meaning of each story and how the memories take place, whether they are in a history aspect or a personal memory that happens to be important in a characters life. Marcel Proust’s past life was tough for him and he suffered from some serious health conditions. Having to deal with a number of rough patches throughout life lead him to have many things on his mind and helped him make his enormous, seven-volume work of art called Remembrance of Things Past. Swanns Way. Overture is a piece of work that Proust produced in this seven-volume work of art. The novel reveals much of Proust’s personality and beliefs that help make the novel a work of fiction; where the raw materials of personal experience and remembrance are transformed by the imagination and his vision of humankind and then added into his piece of art (Saunders, J. K., 2010). Overture is the beginning piece in the seven-volume novel in which Proust brings up the memories of his childhood. A number of different passages within the work show how Proust has portrayed his childhood life into his work. The first memory that is brought up in the novel section of Overture is the description of how he felt when he woke up in the middle of the

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