World Literature (Paper 1): A Pastiche On Athena Regarding Her Absence In Thrinacia. Based On The Odyssey

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Statement of Intent Homer’s epic poem, “The Odyssey” is irrefutably a story of an archetypical hero, Odysseus’, journey home. The poem begins ten years past the fall of Troy in Ithaca where a mass of aggressive suitors continue to pillage Odysseus’ resources and court his wife. Nevertheless with Telemachus’ departure from Ithaca and Odysseus release from Calypso’s island, Ogygia, the situation takes a turn for the better. Subsequent to fighting countless battles Odysseus finally lands in the safety of the Phaeacians’ island. Here, he recounts his adventures, including the occurrence involving Helios’ cattle in Trinacia. Tales of his misadventures, bravery, and strength never fail to intrigue, yet, it is important not to neglect the role of counterparts ensuring victory in his bravura journey. Throughout Odysseus’ problematic journey, Athena, a divine loyal mentor aids the hero in overcoming his imperfections and imprudence. As the deity of battle and wisdom, Athena understandably favors the sharp and rash Odysseus. Athena’s presence is prominent and fundamental in Odysseus’ journey; this great goddess saves Odysseus an exuberance of grievances, ranging from the shipwreck early in the poem to the battle of the suitors towards the end. Despite fighting for Odysseus’ freedom for twenty years, and aiding him in his homecoming in a matter of days, there is a crucial moment where Athena remains inactive. Prior to his release from Ogygia, Calypso’s island, Odysseus encountered a series of devastating events. One of many is in the sun god, Helios’ island, whereby Odysseus’ crew devoured the god’s cattle despite previous warnings. In this scene Athena inconveniently chooses to remain inactive, causing an abundance of tribulation. I shall write a pastiche from Athena’s view point in attempt to investigate the reason behind her absence in Thrinacia and will allow me

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