World Is Flat Part I Essay

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Tucker Blackwell World is Flat Part 1 1. The author compares his journey to that of Christopher Columbus because he said that he had a journey of exploration. Some similarities were the fact that they were both looking for materials, they both encountered Indians and they both were on the hunt for Indian riches. The differences were that they each took a different direction to get there and Columbus believed the world to be flat where as Thomas L. Friedman believed it to be round. Friedman used a GPS to get there where as Columbus did not, which lead him to be lost. Friedman was looking for software, brain power, complex algorithms, knowledge workers call centers, etc. Columbus was looking for hardware including precious metals, silks and spices. Lastly, Friedman had a small crew and Columbus’s was rather large. 2. The playing field being flattened means that the global competitive playing field was being leveled. The positive aspects were that it was now possible for more people than ever to collaborate and compete in real time with other people in different corners of the planet. Also, the challenge would benefit America in a positive way because America is at its best when being challenged. The negative effects were software and computer geeks aren’t the only ones who get empowered to collaborate on work in a flat world. 3. The first era was when Columbus set sail opening trade between the old and new world (globalization 1.0). The second era was globalization 2.0 which was interrupted by the Great Depression. The agent of change was the dynamic force driving the globalization of multinational companies. The third era is called globalization 3.0, where the playing field was flattened which shrunk the world from small to tiny. It empowered individuals and small groups to go global so easily due to the new found power. This allowed individuals to

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