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World Hunger; the Global Issue Essay

  • Submitted by: Taluswow
  • on September 30, 2012
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World Hunger; The Global Issue
Liberal Studies Capstone

925 million people suffer from scarcity of (Riedl, 2007)food according to (WorldHunger.org, 2012).   Most of this 925 million also suffer malnutrition defined as a general term that indicates a lack of some or all nutritional elements necessary for human health (Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia).   Nearly half of children’s deaths are associated with malnutrition (WHO, 2009).   At the same time, countless national, multi-national, city, state, and even local groups fight world hunger by collecting food, raising money, and offering manpower to stop this epidemic.   How then, can we loose ground each year and add more hungry and malnourished to the ranks?   I recall being deployed to Haiti in 1995 and living in President Aristides palace.   Our mission was to protect him while establishing a new police force and Royal Guard.   During the day we would patrol the city streets and I remember seeing oceans of orphans, and streets full of homeless families.   There were no jobs to go find, and even if they could, market shelves were frequently bare.   I witnessed people catching and eating rats, bugs, and reptiles.   For them, it was a way of life.   For me, it was a startling realization that many in the world did not live like we Americans do.   How could the world allow this to happen?   Where was all the relief I heard so much about on TV?   And what could I do to change this? I will apply analytical thinking skills (Elder & Pual, 2007) to review solutions to world hunger and offer additional solutions.

First, we must explore why there are hungry people throughout the world.   Head of the UN World Food Program, Ralf Sudhoff states “Population growth, rising meat consumption and biofuel production have ushered in a completely new era. By 2030, humanity will have to increase food production by 50% in order to feed the entire world population” (Eisberg, 2010).   Even in more developed...

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