World Hunger Essay

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World Hunger Richard Zhu Every day after the bells ring, the sound of the pupils’ footsteps filing out of their classrooms is heard. This is the favorite time of the day: Lunch time. The children bring their lunch trays and boxes onto the tables and begin to eat. However, after they are finished, the serving bowls and plastic are not the only things found in the trash cans. Burgers that have one bite taken from them and food that has not even been touched at all littler the bottom of the contraption. Then after lunch, the students make their projects about people in the US who are in starvation. Every day, just in our own country, 46.9 million people are starving daily. We need to change this. America is the top nation in many things: It is the top in weaponry, abundance bills that are pointless like ACTA, and the most amount of food ending in the dumps. The best routine the world must take to solve this distressing problem is by creating a more organized and more efficient food producing the food in poverty areas, stop wasting the food, and by actually facing the problem by taking action. Hunger is the world’s greatest solvable problem. The 1st step to resolving this issue is to help poor countries become more organized and donate better tools for more efficient farming. Just a few days ago, 26,000 Africans perished due to the famine. The government wasn’t organized and land wasn’t being farmed. UNWFP (United Nations World Food Program) has claimed that the soil in Africa is fertile, except a lot of it is not in use. If countries such as the U.S. could give aid to countries such as Africa by temporarily organizing the land, or donating tools that could help produce more and healthier crops, the hunger that has been stabbing at the belly is eliminated. My second point is that we need to learn to stop wasting food. I took a food survey at the cafeteria a month

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