World Hunger Essay

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Kentesha Ward Social Problems 1020 Dr. Consemiu MW 12:15-1:30 Hunger is an issue in which many people believe that is has very little importance. I’ll be giving you a look at world hunger and how it affects other nations; also how world hunger is a disease that is hurting our society. Poverty is a state in which the ability of individuals or groups to use power to bring about good for themselves, their families, and their community is very weak or even blocked in some cases. It is a state in which is very hard to overcome and the cycle keeps going until it seems like there is no hope. The current system does not distribute food on the basis of nutritional need; it is based on wealth and access to food. This is one of the most troubling and complex realities of the world hunger problem. (World Hunger Organization, 2012) During recent famines in Ethiopia, foreign food aid was trucked in to areas where the famine was most problematic. The ships at the docks passed food leaving the famine areas on other vehicles, in an example of the workings of the marketplace. The food is so scarce in these countries that food has to be shipped in from other areas. These third world countries are very vulnerable to poverty and a shortage of food. A Third World Nation or Country is a developing country in which its citizens live in a state of poverty and necessary aid and help is not available to the citizens. Around fifteen to twenty million people die each year of hunger related causes, including diseases brought on by lowered resistance due to malnutrition. Not only can these deaths be because of just hunger, it can also be because of things that being malnourished causes the body to do for instance. People in these countries can die from diarrhea which is brought on from being malnourished. This means that the body is unable to process the food to help the body, and instead

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