World Hunger Essay

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Everyday around 24,000 people die directly from hunger and hunger related diseases; a drastic amount. Many of us have never and will never experience “hunger”. Hunger to us maybe not eating a meal in the morning or maybe missing lunch. Hunger occurs when people do not receive a sufficient amount of calories and nutrients from food. Most people battle hunger suffer from chronic or undernourished and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This can affect a person’s long-term physical and mental health. In 2010 there is an estimate of 925 million hungry people all over the world. World is the want or scarcity of food in a country. World hunger is a terrible symptom of world poverty. Poverty is the lack of basic human needs, such as clean water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter, because of the inability to afford them. People are lacking money to buy enough food to nourish their families. World hunger is a major problem because of poverty, harmful economic systems, insufficient food supply and natural problems which can be solved one way or another. Over 1.02 billion people in the world are undernourished. More than 90 percent of the people affected by hunger live in extreme poverty(less than a dollar a day) in developing countries. The most vulnerable populations are children under five years of age and women who are pregnant or breast feeding. Thos e that lives in “developed” countries spends an average of under 16% of their income on food. Even so, many are feeling a pinch at the grocery store and are changing the way they eat. In “developing” countries, poor people spend up to 80% of their disposable income on food. Furthermore, the food they eat is primarily “pure”, unprocessed grains comprise a main share of their diet. Believe it or not there’s plenty of food to go around the world. There’s enough for every single person to have about five

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