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What Happen To Concentration Camps After World War II? They had to restored physical health, some went to Israel and some went to the U.S. The other stay. During the Holocaust, by guessing, about 6,000,000,000 people were murdered and non-Jewish were about 6,000,000,000: total about 12,000,000,000 were murdered. Why Did Hitler Hate the Jews? Most history students know that over six million Jews were slaughtered during World War II. However, there are actually several theories as to why Hitler hated the Jews. What was the cause that instigated one man to try and wipe out an entire race of people? Let us try and look at some of the possible causes or factors that lead to this cold-blooded massacre. THEORY OF SUPERIOR RACE One of the most important reasons for Hitler’s deep seated aversion for the Jews was that he thought of them as an inferior race. In his speeches and conversations, Hitler passionately stated his belief that the Germans were the descendants of the mighty Aryan race. He firmly believed that it was the destiny of this race to rule the world. Others races like the Jews and Slavs were to be their servants. As time went on, this hatred eventually led to his belief that they should be killed and their entire race ought to be wiped out. CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE GERMANS When Germany lost World War I, Hitler blamed the Jews and the communists living in Germany and felt that they were part of a impetuouslyhuge conspiracy against the German military. He believed that had it not been for their interference, Britain and the allies would have lost the war. The consequences of the First World War was that Germany’s economy took a substantial beating and they were faced with huge debts in the hands of the allies. Hitler used the anti-Semitic feelings prevalent at that time in society to not only gain more power but also to fuel his own personal agenda of

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