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Below is a list of possible research paper topics for World History. Please note that this is only a partial list of possible topics. If you have other ideas, simply get them approved by your World History teacher. Remember, however, that the topic you choose must deal with a world history topic—topics dealing with the history of the United States will not be approved. Also, keep in mind that this is only a list of topics, not thesis statements! Writing the thesis statement is your responsibility. Your thesis statement must deal with an interpretation of the topic and is not a simple report! For example, if you choose the Gulf War as your topic, do not write a report describing the events of the war. Instead, you must develop a thesis that will lead you through an analysis, such as the causes of the Gulf War, which is open to interpretation. There will be a limit of two-three students per topic. ¾Human Evolution vs. Creationism: What is the truth? ¾Stone Age: How were humans able to survive the ice ages? How did the end of the ice ages impact nomadic cultures? What were the causes and the effects of the Neolithic Revolution? What function or purpose did the Neolithic cave paintings have in Neolithic society? ¾Creation Myths: What do creation myths (specify myth and culture) tell us about the culture that created the myth? How did ancient cultures use deities to explain natural phenomena? Compare and contrast the creation stories of Hebrew, Egyptian, and Babylonian cultures. How do the roles of gods differ between the literature produced by different societies (e.g., Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Hebrew, etc.)? ¾Confucianism: What impact did Confucius have on the development of Chinese thought and culture? ¾Buddhism: Compare and contrast Buddhism as practiced in Japan, China, and Korea. ¾Christianity: What are the similarities

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