World Court System

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ABOUT THE WORLD COURT Reyte On Publishing. Copyright 2010. Is the International Court of Justice the first world court? The ICJ is the judicial court of the United Nations. What are the procedures of the World Court? The procedures of the World court are highly structured and bureaucratic. The cases are made up of grievances among countries. Each claim is brought before the World Court by a plaintiff that makes an argument or assertion. It is presented in the form of a petition. At least one statement of fact must exist for the claim to be valid. The statement of fact must be supported by a statement of relevance. The statement of fact is the claim that the plaintiff makes against the defendant based on something that happened between the two parties in a certain time and place. The statement of fact must be supported by a statement of relevance. Statement of relevance is the supporting evidence for a statement of fact that justifies its validity or truth. After the plaintiff presents its claim, the defendant has the opportunity to dispute or acknowledge the plaintiff’s claim. This process is repeated until all claims have been resolved and brought before the court. The World Court then makes a judgment based on the evidence and facts presented. The first judgment is a draft which the parties can object to. In the case of no objections this becomes the final judgment (, 2001). Are they similar to any US court? The World Court has some similarities to the US Courts. Basically the way facts are presented is much like in the US Court system. The plaintiff states their case and then presents their facts and evidence, followed by the defendant. The U.S. Court system have attorneys that represents the plaintiff and defendant where the World Court does not. What is an advisory opinion? The advisory opinion is decision or judgment of

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