world class in India

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INTRODUCTION World class status is a new ideal relentlessly pursued by ambitious and daring individuals in India because this status alone is a status which promises maximum rewards and the victor’s stand. “A world class status acquired is the position of Best of the Bests in the world in its given business and continuously strives for beating its over standards so as to retain that position.” World-class organizations do not happen by chance rather people build them by design that way. They are created by visions, nurtured by ambitions ad perfected by actions. For reaching the zenith of excellence companies need to carefully formulate strategies and deliberately implement them so as to arrive at the desired destination. To achieve world-class status, an organization must stimulate creative thinking, encourage dialogue and introspection and promote understanding and new actions. When people think of "world-class" organizations, chances are widely admired companies such as General Electric, Microsoft, British Airways, Hewlett-Packard, Coca-Cola and Disney spring to mind. Yet what elevates these and other companies from merely "successful" to the more desired status of "world-class?" A closer look at the "best of the best" reveals several shared characteristics. Besides being the premier organization in their industries, world-class companies have talented people, the latest technology, the best products and services, consistent high-quality, a high stock price, and a truckload of awards and accolades acknowledging their greatness. Dig deeper and you'll also find that communication is practiced as a strategic process within these companies that's woven into their business planning, decision-making and organization-wide priorities. It defines their cultures by encouraging dialogue, feedback, interpretation and understanding. Something else also distinguishes

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