World Civ: 15th Century Oceanic Voyages

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The purpose of this essay is to describe the motives and consequences for oceanic voyages during the 15th century (1400s). Some topics described will include economic, religious ideals. There will be two motives and one consequence. One of the motives for the oceanic voyages during the 15th century was the wanting to discover new trade routes to Asia. Europeans were very interested in spices from asia. these spices from Asia were especially keeping food edible throughout winter seasons, also the spices could of been used for covering up food that didnt taste as fresh anymore. Trade with Asia was difficult and expensive. with the oceanic voyages and explorers finding new lands, the wealth of that country or society who found new land would increase their profits and wealth as a whole, so it would boost up economic value and produce more revenue within one society. Another motive for oceanic voyages in the 15th century was people and explorers were hungry and curious for new information and longed for ways to build up their knowledge. Along with gaining new knowledge, explorers saw it as a way of becoming famous and wealthy, if they were the ones who discovered knew and helpful knowledge first. The explorers would reap the credit and all the glory. Another aspect of gaining new knowledge and land, was the spread and influence of ones own religion. The explorers could discover new lands and impose their own religion and will upon others in that land or territory, so the spread of religion and getting ones own beliefs out there to new people and lands was huge motive. One consequence for the oceanic voyages was that explorers who traveled on these long voyages to these new lands, traveled in less than accomdating conditions. There was little to no sanitation upkeep in the ships. Some lacked nutrition and suffered from "scurvy" (Vitamin C deficincy). Also the
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