World Bounded By Media Essay

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In a world bounded by media, billboards, commercials, magazines, television, and movies, it is quiet evident of the influence that media holds in the daily lives of all people. It is next to impossible to escape the hold that media has on citizens living in a western society, as it has become an imbedded part of one's life. The influence of the media has a huge sway over women by monitoring their appearance, and by telling the public what they consider to be a ‘beautiful’ woman in today’s society. In the media, women are illustrated as sexy, extremely skinny women, with large womanly curves. Although it may seem like an undamaging way of promoting products, many women in today’s media are used and seen as sex symbols for the purposes of marketing. The ever-current media industry is using women in an unfair method, causing negative connotations, stereotypes and ultimately, encouraging women to look a certain way that may be damaging to female’s emotional and physical health. If these images are the only images that the public views, unrealistic reflections of women will forever be maintained. The media has become an educational tool designed for those who watch or read it to learn about sexual behavior in today’s society. Uneducated youth rely on media’s depiction of sex as they truly believe that what is portrayed in television shows or advertisements is accurate. The problem, however, is that sex is over dramatizied on television, or in music videos or even commercials. Sex is portrayed in a untrue nature and is poorly educating the youth by failing to focus on the untold risks of sex. In Jane Brown’s 2002 artcile, Mass Media Influences on Sexuality, she found that in the U.S., the youth spent between 6 and 7 hours looking at various types of media. With children absorbing a significant amount of media throughout their days, one can only imagine how much sex is
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