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Principles of information system Case – “WORKS” Analysis Document 3/12/2012 Table of Contents Introduction2 1. Problem Definition3 1.1 The Review3 1.2 Key Stakeholders3 1.3 Business “Tourism” Benefits4 2. Problem Statement5 3. Approach to Problem Solving6 4. Event Tables9 5. Scope10 5.1 Roles and Responsibilities10 5.2 Scope Definition11 5.3 Scope Statement11 5.4 Work Breakdown Structure11 6. Context Diagram13 7. Risks14 Conclussion15 List of Reference16 Introduction This is an analysis based on the case of WORKS, an automated system that provides up-to-date information about the current and future supply and demand of labor force, and that makes available management information which can be used to take the necessary measures to finally reach a situation where sufficient qualified human resources are available to the sector of tourism on a timely and sustainable basis. WORKS stands for WOrk Registered Keen System. This project addresses problems concerning the labor force. It intends to contribute to the overall objective of qualified human resources available to the tourism industry at the right time on a sustainable basis. This should be in such a way that the need of tourists, the employees, and the employers are satisfied and that the availability of the resources are utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible. At the beginning of this analysis we started off by gathering all the necessary information to conduct an excellent analysis document and to carry out the rest of the analysis phase activities properly. Most of the information was obtained within the case itself. However, it showed that a lot of the key data that the system should be able to provide were missing. Therefore, we had to do a formal research about the missing fact before continuing. Furthermore, we will be discussing the following things in an

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