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Workplace Safety Essay

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Tyler Johnson
Intro to Workplace Safety

A supervisor in your company comes to you in private and says, “John Smith really look sick to me, and his energy level is way below what it used to be. Can I ask him if he has AIDS? What would you tell the supervisor about (a) John Smith’s legal rights, (b) the company’s legal rights and obligations, and (c) the physical symptoms of AIDS?

Well, If my supervisor approaches me with a question of this magnitude, I would have to ask him If we have a company policy that protects us from a problem of this sort. If we do not have a policy on AIDS, I would tell my supervisor to go ahead and get one in the making.   the supervisor then could approach the employee in an appropriate manner and ask him If he is feeling well, then ask him if he could go in for a blood test for her because she doesn’t believe he is not well at the moment. This policy protects both the employer and employee. This is a very serious virus of major concern. The company’s legal rights and obligations, would be skeptical. Due to many issues and concerns regarding this virus, companies should develop a policy that covers AIDS and other bloodborne pathogens. It should include employee rights and responsibilities, testing, and education on bloodborne pathogens. This is a very good policy, which could save lives. Most people don’t know they have HIV until they are tested. A policy of this nature would save lives and also put control on the virus. This is an excellent policy to come up with, which encourages preservation of life. This does not mean that it would segregate the sick from the well, and not have them able to get jobs with others that don’t have the virus

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