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Workplace Motivation Jennifer Byron PSY/320: Human Motivation October 24, 2011 Facilitator: Dr. Paul Cantz Workplace Motivation How do motivational strategies affect productivity in the workplace? What efforts does the organization make to improve performance and lower employee resistance to increased productivity? What are management’s philosophy of motivation and practices? The following paper will identify and analyze the implications of applying two motivational theories, as discovered through the Motivation Concepts table completed in week one, not currently in practice at D&B. The paper will also consider how the chosen motivational theories would impact both management and employees. In week one, the paper discussed how the…show more content…
Typically, D&B promotes from within the company, very rarely does someone come into the company at the leader level. Because of the promoting from within and the positive support received the leadership team, the company’s retention rate is unbelievable! Except for the sales team members, most of the people I have met over the last eight or nine years have been with D&B for 10, 15, 20, or even 35 years. Team members may not remain with the same department the entire length of time with the company but they do stay within the…show more content…
When a team member first starts at D&B they have to enter their aspirations into the LDP system: what do you want to accomplish while at D&B, what tools and resources can D&B provide to assist you in reaching your aspiration? What can you do to assist yourself in reaching your aspiration? Once the team member completes the aspiration section, the next step is to develop a LAP. Then the team member and leader review the aspiration and LAP to ensure each area meets the S.M.A.R.T. objectives. Perhaps the team member is trying to run prior to learning how to walk. Or the aspiration is too high-level and should be broken into stages. Because the majority of the leaders have been in the team member’s role, the leader can provide constructive feedback on how to achieve the goals while preventing a team member from setting oneself up for

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