Workplace Learning Enviroment

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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1. Describe three benefits of a performance linked learning system * Helps managers and human resources personnel to identify what learning is most important for improving the organisation's performance and to determine how best to implement a learning system that improves the organisation's performance capability. * Assists readers to develop the capability of all employees in a purposeful, systematic and continuous manner, so as to optimise the organisation's performance, profit contribution and long-term results. * Gives readers the tools to develop a purposeful, systematic and continuous performance-linked learning system that helps specify learning standards for the organisation and helps the organisation to reach and maintain those standards. 2. Define what is Training Needs Analysis (TNA) TNA is the first step in training process that identifies the gap in employee training and related training needs. It involves a procedure to determine whether training will assess the problem. 3. Discuss at least two learning styles * The visual (Spatial) learning style: You prefer to use colours, maps, images and pictures to organise information and communicate with others. You can easily visualize objects, plans and outcomes in your mind’s eye. * The logical (Mathematical) learning style You can recognize patterns easily, as well as connections between seemingly meaningless content. You work well with numbers and can perform complex calculations. 4. As a learner what sorts of barriers may one encounter during the learning process? * Language and communication * Inflexible curriculum * Lack of access to basic services * Attitudes/ discrimination 5. Outline at least 5 ways to motivate employees * Be an example * Listen and take genuine interest in their work life balance * Show

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