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Project 2 Report on Case Study Outline the issues and problems faced by the organisation’s members. This issues raised include:- 1. dissatisfaction with the service on a number of previous occasions: 2. representatives from Organisation X being provided vague assurances: 3. poor service and the problems with supply of goods in a timely or thorough manner: 4. team member tardy in processing the orders and sending them through organisation X supply department: Describe how you would address them. Fortunately organisation X has raised an alarm with senior management, unfortunately the team leader/ supervisor working closely the person who is causing disruption to the service, had not identified the issue and/or failed to follow through with investigation to the mange the issues within the team and failed to report back to management. Report: I would address supply concerns & personnel issues raised by management by calling an urgent team discussion in the first instance, relaying the seriousness of concerns raised by management and identify with the team the best way to resolve the issues within a very short time frame. I would offer any member of the team to approach me if they have a particular team concern or individual knowledge of the issues raised by Organisation X and that their discussion would remain confidential. I would document the meeting and advise the staff due to the seriousness of these allegations that imminently all aspects of productivity and performance would be monitored to avoid similar circumstances in future. Within a short time frame, I would call on management to discuss the predicament, I would convey my apology for anything or anyone within the team that may have been overlooked and explain the expected outcome is to improve the current service. I would share with management any concerns I had discovered about an

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