Workplace Health and Safety for Human Resource Professionals

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What is the aim of health and safety legislation and what responsibilities does it place on employers? Explain how relevant legislation applies to HR. Health and safety is an imperative component amongst all workplaces, with increasing awareness being placed on its importance. Employers must take all necessary precautions to preserve the safety of their employees at work and when carrying out work related matters. This is to protect not only the staff of the organization, but also the organization itself to safeguard against potential litigation matters. The Workplace Health and Safety Act and other relevant legislation aims to provide a framework for a standard of compliance and enforcement. It is an initiative that advocates for the health, safety, and welfare of workers and persons present in a working environment. Areas where action should be taken must be observed in accordance with the Act, as well as ways to identify and manage risks and hazards associated with workplace operations. Where potential hazards are recognized, appropriate action must be taken to remove, reduce, or isolate the possible risk. Ultimately, it is about identifying what poses a potential threat to the health and safety in the workplace, assessing the level of dangerous impact that may be incurred, and controlling the situation to avoid any incidents occurring and encourage injury prevention. Health and Safety legislation also governs precautions for working with hazardous materials, substances, or carrying out work where a level of risk is involved. The aim is to also represent employees, employers, suppliers, contractors, building owners and management fairly, and facilitate consultation and collaboration to assess and eradicate work related safety issues. In turn, this places a great amount of responsibility on employers to prioritize the safety of staff. There
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