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Workout plan // Introduction notes: Hey Big Rig, I have optimised this plan for muscle building and fat loss – this is often referred to as ‘recomping’. Seeing as you’re fairly new to this you will not be plateauing anytime soon, so you could follow this same routine for about twelve weeks – mix up your cardio if possible though, as your body will be more receptive to cardiovascular fitness (assuming you have maintained a healthy lifestyle as of late, ha-ha). // Workout schedule: Because you have that expensive membership, and I am assuming you don’t want it to be wasting away, I’m not going to give you the standard five or seven day workout plan. Your training schedule will work as 2 days on, followed by one day off – for example: // Cardio & fat burn: For optimum fat burning mode, so you can check out those incoming guns, you should be doing cardio at least five times a week – including on your rest days if it comes to that. If you are not using a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) system (I would recommend against this if you’re recovering from any kind of injury i.e. your shoulder) then make sure to complete between 35 minutes to 50 minutes each cardio session. Again, assuming you’re not training under a HIIT system, the best place for your heart rate (bpm) to sit during workouts (for the best fat burn) is around 65% of your maximum heart rate. At 65% you burn around 85% of the calories used for that workout, from stored fat tissue. // Equations: Optimum Fat Burn Range – To figure out your Maximum Heart Rate use – Men's Max Heart Rate = 220 – age For you, Vasinka – 202 = 220 – 18 ∴ 65% of 202 = 131.3 ∴ Staying at 130bpm (3.s.f.) will allow you to burn the most amount of fat during each session. // Note: Of course you are allowed to push yourself (therefor your heart rate) during session, especially if you’re training for a sport

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