Working with Others to Plan and Implement Projects to Improve Health and Well-Being.

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Working with others to plan and implement projects to improve health and well-being. This assignment aims to demonstrate how the Specialist Community Public Health Nurse can impact on a campaign to improve the uptake of the influenza vaccination among healthcare workers. Although current UK policy recommends the vaccination of all Healthcare workers to reduce the spread of seasonal influenza and its impact on NHS services, the scheme is voluntary and uptake of the vaccine remains low. A campaign introduced in 2011 contributed to a slight rise in the uptake of the vaccine and is being run again over the winter period 2012/2013. Research however suggests that the way to gain a significant increase in uptake is to consider making vaccination mandatory. The Nursing and Midwifery Council Standards of Proficiency for Specialist Community Public Health Nurses (SCPHN) requires practitioners to work in partnership with others to prevent the occurrence of needs and risks related to health and wellbeing (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2004). As a senior clinical staff member the SCPHN can be influential in increasing staff awareness and understanding of the importance of staff vaccination against flu (influenza), and can lead by example to drive up rates of vaccination among frontline staff (Department of Health, 2012). Healthcare workers (HCW’s) are at a high risk of infection and can also transmit highly contagious influenza viruses to patients and colleagues. (Wicker et al 2009). Influenza outbreaks can arise in health and social settings and circulate in the community. The Department of Health recommend that health professionals are vaccinated against flu to protect themselves, patients, staff and family members (DoH, 2012). The influenza virus is unstable and new strains and variants are constantly emerging. (hpa). Vaccination of healthcare workers with direct

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