Working with Others Essay

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Evaluation The fare took place on the 17th December. On the day I came into college with the hamper that was being raffled, and the raffle ticket books. To being with I helped another group prepare the fruit for the chocolate fountain. Once I have done that I took the hamper over to the room that the fare was taking place in and helped to set up the stall. I helped organise where the items for sale and raffle were presented. As we only had one table for the whole class, the items were quite squashed together and we could have done with more room. We were doing a raffle which the first price was the hamper and the second was a homemade cake, we also put sweets in a jar and people had to pay to guess the amount inside. We charged: £1 for a strip of raffle tickets 20p for one 20p to guess how many weeks were in the jar The fare started at 10:30am, by then we were as organised as we could be as we were not quite sure of what to expect. When it first started no-body knew what to do with themselves as we didn’t have enough change to go around the classes and to have on the table. After half an hour we had enough change to go around the classes and sell the products. We found that more people were interested in the raffle for the hamper and the cake than guessing the number of sweets in the
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