Working with Medicaid Essay

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Amy Parsons Working with Medicaid The Medicaid program is for low-income people. The Medicaid program is financed by the federal government and the states. The Medicaid program is the nation’s largest non-employer-sponsored health insurance program. In order for a person so be eligible for Medicaid benefits, the must meet the minimum federal requirements and any additional requirements of the state in which they live. Medicaid rules vary from state to state and are frequently changing. Depending on what state a person lives in, those enrolled in the Medicaid program may be treated by a provider of their choice or it may restrict patients to a network physicians. Patients with Medicaid may have to receive all services through their primary care provider that is responsible for coordinating and monitoring their care. Those that need to see a specialist may need to obtain a referral from their PCP or Medicaid will not pay for the services. If a Medicaid patient wants to receive a service that is non-covered, the patient must pay for the non-covered services prior to the services being rendered. Medicaid recipients can also be billed if the physician informed the patient before the service was performed that the procedure/service would not be covered by Medicaid, the physician has an established written policy for billing non-covered services that applies to all patients, the patient is informed in advance of the estimated charge for the procedure and agrees in writing to pay the charge. If the physician has reason to believe that a service will not be covered, the patient must be informed in advance and given a form to sign acknowledging this. However, some states may require the patient to pay a minimal co-pay for covered

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