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Working With Children Essay

  • Submitted by: emilygogo
  • on November 22, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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As a practitioner we need to be aware of the limits and boundaries of your work role. One of the boundaries is confidentiality. In order not to put a child in danger we must not pass any information we know about the child unless authorised. Confidentiality is important because in the wrong hands a child could be harmed. Not following the rules of confidentiality could also cause a loose of respects with parents if they do not require other people to know personal information. All written information about a child should not be left lying around for the wrong person to see the information.                                     Another boundary that all practitioners need to be aware of is meeting the needs of all children. ‘Rights of all children should be paramount’. Bruce (2007) Page 20. Practitioners should treat all children equally with the needs they require. Children with learning support may need one to one support. It is important that all children get the correct support they all need. All children need to be treated with respect despite of their religion, sex, gender, ethnic background or race.                             Another boundary that all practitioners need to be aware of is knowing your job role responsibility. ‘As a professional you need to carry out all your duties willingly and to be answerable to others for your work’. Bruce (2007) Page 20. It is important that all practitioners carry out their job rule effectively.                                         Another boundary that all practitioners need to be aware of is respecting of parents and other adults. It is important to respect and value parents wishes and comments even if you may disagree. It is important that you understand that parents will know their children the most, so if they request something of their child it should be immediately check out. It is important that you do not discrimination against someone of their race, culture, gender, sex, ethnic background or religion....

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