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A real estate agent knows the ins and outs of buying land, which can save you time and money Buying hunting land is a cocktail blended with portions of business and pleasure. If the proportions are right it's satisfying; improperly mixed, it's bitter. The flavor of your drink depends on the bartender — your real estate agent. Finding the right agent and working in harmony is critical. Not all real estate agents are equal when it comes to assisting you in locating, negotiating and buying recreational property. You need a specialist. Consider how much personal time you can commit to researching property. Depending on your requirements, even diligent searching could mean many long hours. Finding the "perfect property" could require a nearly full-time commitment. That's the Number One reason to work with a real estate agent. The decision moves you from inactively dreaming about owning recreational property to making it happen. Once you've established a relationship with the right realtor, discourse and cooperation result. Reaching that kind of understanding doesn't happen without effort. When it comes to buying acreage in rural or remote areas, not just any realtor will do. If he's licensed he should know the business side of things. But when it comes to asking the right questions and researching property on the ground and at the courthouse, not every realtor will follow through. You can choose various routes to find the right agent, but they all begin with you. Once you determine the geographic area in which you want to acquire property, the Internet, telephone and letter-writing are good search options, but the best might be on-the-ground investigation. Hit the smalltown cafes. Grab all of the real estate flyers out front. Use a highlighter and notebook to analyze properties. Note who represents them. Assemble a list of the local acreage experts.

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